Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I meet with my therapist every Wednesday, as I have for the past 2.5 years. We first met when my husband and I went to see him for marriage counseling. My husband came with me 3 times, and then concluded, he doesn't really have a problem with our marriage, that's it's all me. (we disagree on that one, but we disagree on more than we agree as it is, so no biggie). I continued seeing the therapist & he's really become a friend, my lifeline.

Today we talked about the role Levaquin might've played in me getting RA. We've talked about it numerous times, but today I had something to show him. There's a website called Askapatient where you can look up any medication and either add your own comments about it, or read about other peoples experiences. I printed the first 19 pages of comments on Levaquin and gave them to him, so he knows a little bit of what I know. From my research, it would appear I am a carrier of the RA gene, which made me sort of a loaded gun, just ready to go off, when the "right" triggerer arrived. And I'm convinced, Levaquin was the one that pulled the trigger.

I don't know if there will ever be any justice regarding this, for me and thousands (if not more) of others who have gotten lifelong disabilities, even death, due to Levaquin. I know Levaquin has a Black Box Warning Label in it now, since 2008. It should serve as a warning to doctors, to not prescribe it lightly. In my opinion, it should be taken off the market and a class action lawsuit should be filed. Just because they put a Black Box Warning Label on the drug, doesn't mean people will not take it. If they're given antibiotics, chances are they're not 100% well and maybe not even thinking straight. Medications always have warnings, but how many of them really do as much damage to as many people as Levaquin? I don't know any statistics on this one, but someone needs to put an end to this. I'm currently contemplating on what action to take on this topic. I'm obviously battling RA and struggling with treatment, as most are, so it's occupying most of my brain power and time. I'm also going through separation. It seems impossible to tackle this possible Levaquin -lawsuit. But I will keep researching and finding potential allies along the way.


  1. Keep on Blogging --! You are doing great! Proud of YOU! The Warrior shows.......all over you!

    1. Wow...just awful. I had JRA for about a year @17. MisDx Fibromyalgia or at least that delayed other Dx's. My Rheumy cannot figure out if it is Sero-Neg RA,Psoriatic or Reactive due to immunodeficiency. I am now in the worst shape of my life due to being "floxed "...never heard of it till today. Docs made me feel silly to worry about tendonitis so I took Levaquin...and other courses of antibiotics.I STILL have chronic infection (4years) and now...screaming joint pains getting up or down. Already on high dose opiates but they do nothing for this. I cannot take most meds. So I am in big trouble...thumb killing to go. Thanks for your knowledge and help.

  2. I too became ill and developed RA after taking Levaquin. It destroyed my life for three years. I'm now on Humara and living again.

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