Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The F*** Arthritis Girl

Today was a perfect example of how a negative event can turn into a positive one.

A person whose Twitter name is reflected in the title of my post - got under my skin with her post today, to a dear Twitter friend, a respected blogger/RA activist. It was almost as if the F girl was trying to stir up something. Taking a very accusatory/presumptuous approach right from the start.

After responding to F girl, I explored her Tweets & found something I had come across previously. The theory behind "nightshade" plants/foods. A friend had told me about them just after my RA diagnosis, and I didn't really buy into it at the time. I think I had so much data to process about my new diagnosis, I let the nightshade theory slip out of my mind. I ate less beef (which is not a nightshade plant, obviously :D, but rather something I heard causes inflammation), but I didn't feel any different, so I let my diet slip back into normal beef consumption. But I researched the nightshade plant theory again, and I came to the conclusion that there might be something to this... so I decided, I'm going to try eliminating all nightshade foods out of my diet for a few days and see what comes. Nothing to lose, right? So I went grocery shopping this afternoon :) Toughest part will be avoiding sugar. Coffee is not nightshade, from what I gathered, but it's advisable to avoid it, decaf & regular. But I can commit to this for a few days, for sure! To be continued...

So F girl may have gotten under my skin... but she also reminded me of something I had forgotten to explore :)

P.S. I was going to post a picture of my favorite tomato dish - Mozarella Cheese w/ Tomato & basil, but I felt it would be too tempting to look at ;-)