Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Impressing the girls

My little boy, 8, is obsessed. I bought him new shoes, some kind of Nike Air Jordan's, apparently cool. But he keeps asking me if they look good on him. He tucks his pants under the tongue of the shoe and asks "Is this Bieber style?" I'm consistent and always take his little boy questions seriously, I don't want him to feel like his thoughts and concerns aren't legitimate. Because to him they are and therefor, for me as well. So anyway.... he also keeps asking me "Are these shoes going to impress girls?" I said, probably. So will nice car & cool clothes. But I told him, the girl who is impressed with what you have and your shell, instead of your spirit, is not a keeper. The girl who falls in love with your spirit is a keeper. Hopefully some of these things will stick with him and he gets over his obsession "to impress girls"...

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